Photo of woman with multiple scars on face

Shattered Lives

‘Shattered Lives’ powerfully shows the devastating impact that trespass can have on families. There are more dangers on the track than you think. Don’t leave the people around you to pick up the pieces.

Freeze frame from a video of Megans story

Tegan’s Story

16-year-old Tegan suffered a cardiac arrest, third-degree burns and her heart stopped beating for seven minutes when she ran across the tracks and fell onto the third rail.

Young person laying on tracks with mobile and skateboard

You vs. Train – Dan’s story

The third rail is probably the hardest danger to see. It looks just like an ordinary rail, but it carries 750 volts – easily enough to kill you.

Freeze frame from video interview with female

Rail safety video – Perspectives

This version of the campaign film will help you start conversations around trespassing.

Close up of persons face looking scared

Rail safety video – Nathan’s story

The real life story of Nathan showing the dangers that electricity can pose.